Friday, May 15, 2009

Muslim Students Association - Marriage Program

In Conjunction with the Muslim Students Association –
its Medical School



From Monday 18th May 2009 – 21st May 2009


Monday – 18 May 2009 – Hafez Zain Coovadia

Topic of Discussion: -
Studying & Marriage
Importance of maturity in marriage
How do you know if/when you are ready?
When is the right time to get married
Why do parents put so much pressure on young couples to get married
Use of condoms/contraceptives (esp. if still studying)
How to find a good suitor
Finding a spouse without dating
Is there a forum for bachelors where guys can
meet prospective ladies? If so, to what extent 
may this be permissible?

Tuesday – 19 May 2009 – Ml. Mohammad Asvat

Topic of Discussion: -
Travelling for females (can one travel withiout a 
mahram for occupation purposes)
How do you know he is Mr. right?
Wednesday – 20 May 2009 – Ml. Suliman Ravat
Topic of Discussion: -
Nikah procedure
First night

Thursday – 21 May 2009 – Mufti Abdul Qadir Hoosein Saheb

Topic of Discussion: -
Motherhood & studying
Most common reasons for divorce in today's times
In-laws interference
The abuse of the talaq
How to treat a "spouse" after divorce
Rights of the husband
Rights of the wife
Qualities of a spouse in this day & age-ignoring their past
Promoting polygamy to deal with the current logistical ratios in society
ie. ratio of females > males)
What to do if a husband wants wife to look/be like his mother


AbdurRahman said...

as Salaamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi,

Where are these programs being held?


Anonymous said...

Wa-Alaikumus Salaams WW

It will be held in lenasia. contact Radio Islam for more information on (011) 8547022