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Every human that came into this world, entered via the womb of his mother (besides Adam & Eve who were created without any parents).

The period that we spend in the womb is limited.

It is narrated that when 120 days have passed since conception, an angel is deputed to present the fetus to Allah SWT.
The angel then asks Allah if the fetus will be human or not.
If Allah says that it will not be human, the fetus is thrown back into the womb & the woman immediately aborts.

If Allah decrees that it will be human, then the angel asks questions pertaining to its gender, whether it will be a Muslim or a non-Muslim, its lifespan, its sustenance, when & how it will die, etc.
All of these things are recorded at this juncture of the life of every single human being.

Then we enter into this world for a limited period.
No one lives for ever. Death has been decreed for all.
We will not die until we have:
- eaten every morsel of food that was decreed for us;
- drank every drop of water decreed for us;
- earned every cent;
- breathed every breath of air

Then we enter into the Kabr, the grave.
This place, the Kabr, is our last abode in this world and the first abode of the Aakirah.
Our stay in the Kabr, just like the womb & this Dunyah, is limited.

Every human will endure the questioning in the Kabr.
The questions that will be asked by those two angels Munker & Nakier, pertaining to Imaan & Yakeen:
Who is your Rabb?
What is your Deen?
Who is your Nabi / who is this man? – referring to Nabi (saw).

At this stage, we will not answer with out tongues, but our hearts are squeezed & whatever we have filled our hearts with while in this world, will flow out.

Those things on which we spent out time, health & wealth on in this world, are the things that we value most and the reality of those things enter into our hearts.

If we make effort in the Dunyah, the reality of Dunyah will enter the heart thus the incorrect Yakeen & answers will come out in the Kabr.
If we make effort on Imaan, then the reality of Aakirah will enter the heart which will make it easier to answer those questions.

It is narrated that if the questioning in the grave goes easy, then the rest of one’s Aakirah will go likewise but if the questioning does not go well, so too will the rest of one’s Aakirah – punishment of the Kabr is very real & may continue right up till Qiyamat.

The period in the Kabr ends with the Day of Resurrection – Qiyamat.
Allah tells us in Qura’an that this Day is 50 000 years of our reckoning.
Imagine that: 1 Day is 50 000 years long.
Long enough for every single human to stand & give account for his actions in this world.
To be judged, tried & rewarded or punished according to our deeds by He Who is the Most Just, Allah SWT.

So we can see that Imaan & A’maal (good deeds) are the only things that are of value in this world, the only things that go with us into the grave and the only things that will stand us in good stead on the Day of Qiyamat.
Good deeds alone (without Imaan) will carry no weight & earn no reward on That Day.
in Allah is the key to enter into Jannah.
Even if a reciter of the Kalimah has to endure the punishment of the fire of Jahannam for a period determined by Allah, he will eventually be granted entry into Jannah because of this Kalimah: “la-illaha il-allah muhammadu rasoolullah

is the relationship we have with Allah SWT.
We all must correct that relationship by making effort on our own Imaan & the Imaan of our loved ones.
If we die with Imaan yet we lived a life of poverty & hardship, we have everything – eternal bliss & success.
If we die without Imaan, even though we had everything in this world, we will be eternally unsuccessful & perpetual torment.

This one life we have is so short & we must do all we can to prepare for that lonely period in the grave and the Day of Qiyamat.
After all, Allah has granted us bounty upon bounty, with in & around us, with which to attain Jannah, eternal success.
We have only ourselves to blame if we don’t.

He gave us the Deen of Islam to make it even easier for us to earn His pleasure, not to be a burden on us.
Allah gave us His Deen, to benefit us.

May Allah grant the writer & the readers the Hidayat & Tofeeq to make Aama'l, Inshallah ~ Aameen

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JazakAllah for that. I've been listening to a lot of talks this year which focus on the heart, and the relationship between actions here and their consequences in the grave and Hereafter.

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