Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Haleem Craze! Free Haleem! Free Naan!


The scene of Muslims queuing up for their traditional ration of Haleem at Masajid and other distribution points during Ramadaan has become all too familiar within the Muslim community.

While this maybe a commendable incentive on the path of the donors, the Jamiat has been alerted to some startling information. It has been reportedly learnt that the monies donated towards certain Haleem schemes range from Zakaat, Fidya, Fitrah to even Kaffarah. Benefit from these monies are exclusively reserved for the poor. It is therefore imperative that those responsible for organising such distribution ensure that these monies are not collected or used in preparation of the Haleem which is enjoyed by rich and poor alike.
If these monies ought to be used then it is incumbent on the distributors to inform Muslims that such food is reserved exclusively for the poor. It will not be permissible for the wealthy to partake.

Based on the reports received we thus suggest the following: Those wanting to partake from the Haleem distribution should enquire what funds are utilised in its preparation.The distribution should be just and systematic and not favourable to an elite few. Donors should ensure they do not donate their Zakaah Fitrah etc in this avenue.Organisers should ensure the money collected is not Zakaah , Fitrah, Fidya etc.

May Allah Ta''ala grant us the Taufeeq (ability) to consume pure and halaal.

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