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Why a mother is so valuable in Ramadaan

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Why a mother is so valuable in Ramahaan

Ramahaan is the most important month of the Islamic year. It is in this
month that the family worships Allah and practices Islam more fervently
and with greater enthusiasm. The Muslim family spend precious moments of
their time together during Iftaar and Suhoor. These two meals provide
the fuel and blessing that grant a Muslim the physical and spiritual
strength to fast.

The food Muslims consume plays a critical role in their worship. Allah (swt)
mentions in the Qura'an : "Eat what is wholesome and do good deeds." In
other words, wholesome and halaal food promotes good character and
actions. The responsibility of ensuring that wholesome meals are
provided for the family rests on the father and mother. The father earns
pure and halaal sustenance. The mother ensures that the food that is
consumed is wholesome and halaal.

A few ideas on how a mother can create an Islamic home in Ramadhaan :

Encourage children to recite Qura'an regularly every day even if it be a
little. This will discipline them and make them love the Qura'an.

Encourage them to fast even for an hour or half a day. This will build
their confidence.

Let them perform Salaah together with the mother while she prays.

Teach them one new thing about Ramadaan every day, eg. a dua, hadith,
benefit of fasting and taraweeh, etc.

Teach them to avoid junk food. Ramadaan is, after all, a month of diet

Assign one of the kids the responsibility for waking everyone up for
Suhoor and Fajr (Set your alarm clock, just in case!) This will teach
them the importance of Suhoor and Fajr.

In Ramadaan, specifically, there must be a constant reminder of an
Islamic home! Children learn from a mother's personal example. A mother
who is always there by supervising and disciplining her children and who
keeps busy with Salah, Qura'an and Dua'a provides the most favourable
Islamic atmosphere for piety and happiness in the home. A mother
provides a special warmth and tenderness to the family during Ramadaan.
Ramadhaan without a mother can never be a true Ramadaan. Ask anybody
who has lost a mother within the last year how sad and empty that home
now is.

A Dua'a for our mothers and sisters:

May Allah (swt) grant our mothers the understanding of their critical role in
every Muslim home. They are the spiritual pillars upon which the bricks
of worship and obedience stand. If they fall or crumble the future of
the Ummah is at stake. May Allah (swt) make our Muslim women true beacons of
piety and strength. Aameen!

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