Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Sadaqatul Fitr

The Jamiatul Ulama has determined this years Sadaqatul Fitr as R17.50 for Hanafi followers and R22.50 for the Shafi followers.

Timely payment of Fitra facilitates distribution before Eid in accordance with the Sunnah. For this reason, the Jamiatul Ulama has set Friday 26 September 2008 as the cut-off date for accepting Sadaqatul Fitr contributions, Inshallah.

Allah Tala'a has made obligatory upon you the Sadaqatul Fitr as a means of cleansing your fasts from idle and lewd talk and also in order that it provides food for the poor and destitute. (Sunan Ab Dawd)


The Organ Harvester said...

but can I put that on my tax returns?

Princess said...

OH I dont think you can do that and its not recommended that you do so.

The Organ Harvester said...

princess, that was a joke. like haha.
it bugs me when people give or donate but want to know whats in it for them first. what happened to just helping people. sharing because it pleases our creator. instead people want to know how much recognition they'll get, how much fuss will be made of them and how much they'll benefit.
so hence my tax deductible comment. was meant to be tongue in cheek. haha.

Princess said...

OH I know you were joking and yes there are some dodge people out there who think they can get back this money...

Trust your Roza's are going well?!