Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Please Assist - Tasneem Kasoo Survivor Fund



I have spoken to Brother Haroon Bhayat personally and he advises that this is not a hoax. Kindly assist in which ever way possible. May the Almighty Allah (swt) reward each of you richly for your efforts, Aameen

Just 6 days ago, TASNEEM KASOO, 13 years old, had not a care in the world. Her life was full of love and joy until her family's car met in a head on collision with a drunken driver just 30 km from her home. Today TASNEEM lays in a hospital bed, being the only survivor of a car crash that took the lives of her mum, dad, grandmother and 19 year old sister.

This tragedy has left TASNEEM with her two elder brothers MOHAMED and YUSUF orphans with soaring medical bills. Fortunately she still has the love of her two brothers who have also suffered this great loss and now they bear great responsibilities at their young ages.

TASNEEM requires multiple surgeries before she can recover fully (physically).

Whoever wishes to help contribute, please feel free to deposit into the following account:

Acc Name: Aziza Chotia
Bank: HBZ Bank Fordsburg
Acc number: 21101285
Branch code: 570105

For further information, kindly contact any of the following people:
* Haroon Bhyat 083 786 6204

This message was composed with immense grief on behalf of the Bhyat and Kasoo families of Amersfoort and Volskrust respectively.

Your Dua'as will be highly appreciated in this blessed month of Ramadaan, Jazakallah

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