Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Kindness Towards Women

Ramadhaan-Al-Kareem Mubarak

May ALLAH (swt) shower His mercies on the fasting person. Ameen.

The Quraan Majeed commands: "Deal with women correctly & with kindness. If, then, you dislike them, then it is possible that you dislike something while ALLAH has
created abundance of goodness in it"(Surah Nisa'a Aya'ah 19)

This Qura'anic Aya'ah as well as other verses & Ahadith define man's role as the ruler of the wife. Arrogance & harshness have no role in a husband's discharge of his duties in his capacity as the ruler. The Qura'an compulsorily imposes on him justice & kindness. In fact the kindness & toleration which the husband has to show, should accommodate the petty indiscretions of the wife. Some husbands, unable to tolerate the indiscretions of their wives, react harshly. In a fit or temper they do not hesitate to manhandle, mishandle & cruelly assault their wives. It is essential that husbands understand that their display of violence on their wives is not an act of heroism. On the contrary, they are disgracefully exhibiting their cowardice. There is absolutely no honour in silencing a wife by means of physical or emotional abuse.

Rasulullah (S.A.W) said: "The Mu'min with the most perfect Imaan is one who has the best character & who is the kindest to his wife."

A requisite for the perfection of Imaan is kindness to one's wife. It is abundantly clear from the Ahadith of Rasulullah (S.A.W) that kindness to the wife is an independent act of virtue. Inshallah, much of his sins will be forgiven by virtue of his kindness towards his wife.

Rasulullah (S.A.W) speaks glowingly of the kind-hearted husband. He said: "The best among you are those among you who are the best to their wives."
Thus, a man's nobility is linked to his kind treatment of his wife.

Kindness towards the wife is an act of Thawaab (reward) even to the extent of placing a morsel of food in her mouth. Overlooking her faults, assisting in home duties, giving her presents,seeing to her needs in general, refraining from imposing unnecessary demands & duties on her & generally showing her a happy & cheerful disposition are all meritorious acts of reward exhorted by Islam.

Undoubtedly, some traits & attributes in women are detestable to men.
But, the Qura'an Hakeem says that ALLAH TA'ALA has created much good in her. The Qura'an Majeed exhorts the husband to overlook her detestable attributes & look rather at the abundance of good which ALLAH TA'ALA has created in her.
Rasulullah (S.A.W) instructed the husband: The Mu'min (husband) should not harbour enmity for his wife. If he dislikes something in her, then surely, he will be pleased with another quality in her.(Muslim)

The Pious Husband by: Az-Zaujus-Salih

May ALLAHAZZA WA JAL accept our humble effort & may He grant readers Taufeeq to act in accordance with the Islamic advices & admonitions contained herein. Aameen

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