Thursday, November 27, 2008

Are we being ripped off?

I received this by way of mail and I wont mention the company's name but I think this is a bit unfair, well in my opinion anyway...I know of people who are travelling for Hajj and the agent they went with charged them the price they were quoted whilst others changed according to the tune of the dollar hmm sad but i guess business is business!

Are we being ripped off or what??

Some1 & Some1 Travel Co regrets to advise that due to the massive volatility of the Rand (ZAR), you our valued client will no longer be advised of impending Rates of Exchange Adjustments. Invoices can unfortunately only be honoured for immediate payment.

We ask that you call us to confirm latest currency updates on your quotation at the time that You are ready to make payment. Quotations are an indication of price only during this difficult time.

We thank you for your understanding.


Anonymous said...

This may sound stern, but it's not attacking - just an honest travel agents opinion

We don't make up the rates for the packages, airline prices etc, we get them from my operators and airlines and the rate of exchange changes every night - we am not going to charge a rate to my client/s and then take the loss due to the Rand falling as that is unfair to us as no airline nor any operator is going to grant me the previous exchange rate. This ruling is not made by me or any travel agent - this is an IATA and ASATA ruling as agents are being harassed by customers to offer lower rates when they are well aware that the exchange rate affects their packages.

If the agent offered the same rate, we wish them all the success but since we are an airline fundi's - we know what can happen to the agent in the long run, he will have to pay out of his own pocket unless their commissions are so high - they can afford to.

Azra said...

I find this morally reprehensible not for any reason other than we all know that most of them make a fortune off people going for to increase already inflated prices because they dont want to risk making a less substantial profit is disgusting.