Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Umm, what's the Point??

Am *Shocked*


Anonymous said...

Even though she might have been wearing a short top, she was probably unaware that it went so high up, so I find it disrespectful of you to put her picture online for everyone to see.

However, if she was intending to let all and sundry to see what underwear she's wearing, that's her sin to bear and whoever was taking this picture should of told her that her undies were showing so she could cover herself properly.

Anonymous said...

Ditto that^

M Junaid said...

I agree with Fatima - Two wrongs dont make a right. I doubt she wanted all and sundry to see her underwear. It would have been a different situation if this seemed intentional - but it doesnt.

Which brings me to my next point - why are you shocked? If its releated to the choice in underwear - I dont see a problem (If her intention wasnt to show the world which I dont think it was?)

Your heading says 'Umm, whats the Point? - Again - this immediately implies that the girl was fully aware that her thong was exposed.

I would understand you being shocked if she paraded her thong while in Hijaab but as I have said before - I dont think that was her intention.

So Hooray for her for wearign Hijaab, and boo to the person who took the shot with the intention of picking on her and boo to you for the way you handled this post.

(My intention is not to come across as sounding harsh - I just think this post is in bad taste. Please do not think it is a personal attack on you Mrs Princess - I learn alot from this blog)

Anonymous said...

my bro has this expression....
whats the point if she is wearing purdah and no panties.

i think the point of the scarf is to be modest... its pretty pointless wearing a scarf while exposing all your other naughty bits.
(btw... all chicks know exactly how far their tops will ride up)

i got the email of this pic this morning. i thought it was hilarious, so i forwarded on. what a huge mistake... i got belted for doing that.
some of the responses :
why you advertising our muslim sisters.
this is not a joke.
you should rather cover the faults of your muslim sisters..
blah blah blah


The Organ Harvester said...

The scarf is for modesty. The problem is retards have a one dimensional point of view about modest. Because there's a scarf, doesnt mean there is modesty. This prize dork, should have felt the breeze if she was that modest. And as for posting this, nicely done Princess. As Muslims we're too apologetic for the wrong reasons. When it suits us, but when ppl do wrong we pick and choose who and when to speak up. I've seen hijabis with tight boob grabbing tops, or blindingly bright colours that cant be called modest even the most liberal of terms. When something like this post happens we all cry foul. she's muslim, we must cover her faults, this for someone who quite literally can not be bothered to cover her arse. So well done. Because now we can all be reminded of our own actions and practice modesty. Modesty doesnt start outside with the scarf, it starts from within. Lastly unless someone recognises her school girl thonged dental flossed partial ass, she is pretty safe. So ja what is the point.

Nooj said...

OH- how are blindingly bright colours not modest. One of my favourite gold-hearted hippy hijabi friends only wears the brightest colours and tie-dyed tops. I still wear tight jeans with my hijab, no I'm not "proud" of it but are you going to call me a hypocrite? would u rather i not wear my hijab at all? Agree with Fatima too. For those of us not ready to wear a jilbab, at least we try...

KiLLa said...

So can hijabi's wear leather ijaar's..


word veri - 'tudsa'

The Organ Harvester said...

Nooj, if i eat halaal and drink alcohol, do i get points for trying? Its the whole modesty thing, whats the message your transmitting wearing a scarf and tight jeans. All i'm pointing out that in some cases you cant practice fusion islam on some installment plan. I say choose one or the other. The scarf is a symbol. So the question is,why do u wear scarf? Whats the current thinking on tight clothes? See where i'm going with this?

KiLLa said...

I kinda agree with the OH on that point..

Its like when guys with big beards go to a night club and drink and hit on random chicks.

If you make a decision in your life to be modest or take a stance or do what is right.. Do it properly.. There is no HALF RIGHT or HALF WRONG..

word veri - 'caluslaw'

KiLLa said...

i refer to muslim guys... in the above

Azra said...

Completely off the mark...

I dont wear Hijaab...I DONT negate its importance...and I'm not "proud" of it either. But I always look for what's inside, rather than what it portrayed outside...because thats what counts in my books :)

Nooj said...

i do actually. which leaves room for my self improvement. this summer is the first year I'm wearing only long sleeves with hijab. before i found it cool to wear short sleeves. i'm not saying this to sound self righteous and soppy. yet all those years i bared my arms and wore hijaab, the fact of wearing the hijaab saved me from doing many other, worse things simply because i was a symbol for Islam. So simply because of my experiences I will not agree with you on the "choose one or the other" option...My God is a Merciful One

The Organ Harvester said...

And that is the best u can do nooji? The merciful line is always a great get out of jail card. Someone pass me a Heineken.

Nooj said...

whats the best u want?
should i say i'm gonna wear jilbab so you can sleep well tonight?
should i ask u to give up porn or not be muslim?
lol hamz stop getting kicks out of controversy

The Organ Harvester said...

1. controversy, big word. Secondly, you usually possess more vim and insight. Well relatively. But this has been thoroughly entertaining. And i'm glad you shared your opinion so honestly. Maybe next time, i'll make sure we use lots of two syllable words and clicking sounds so you dont concede so early. ;)

Nooj said...

(1) I always thought vim was the stuff u clean your stove with. cool new word, thanks!

(2)I think this means in boy language that I won :D

Azra said...

Scenes from Salaam Namaste running through my head... :D

KiLLa said...

more like HUM TUM

Princess said...

Salaams Dear Readers, my point was not to raise controversay...I wear Hijaab and when I do I am an ambassador for Islam and I am proclaiming that I am with the way I conduct myself and the way I carry myself. Non-Muslims and Muslims see us for the way we talk, we walk and behave.

Firstly when I dress up, I do so modestly and ensure that the parts that need to be covered are and that nothing (as in this pic) are exposed, cos what message am I trying to than convey about our Beautiful Religion and how am I to convey Dawa'h when I am not appropriately dressed.

Fatima & MJ I diagree there, when I did wear clothing as such I was well aware when my top moved and would ensure that I pulled it back in place but why wear such tight clothing when wearing Hijjab. Once can be fashionable and modest at the same time, no need to drsss inappropriately.

OH - thanks for your comments I agree...

Killa - Leather Ijaar hmm yeah maybe under your jilbaab ;)

To all the other who have commented - thanks.

Khadeer Ali Mohammad said...

Can't we keep it simple!!

Right is Right and Wrong is Wrong...

The only thing we can do is pray to Allah to give thse people some sense of Islam.

bb said...

Hmm...I don't think it's disrespectful to her to post this pic, because as others have said-nobody knows her.

However, I do believe she didn't know. It's happened to many friends of mine

For me, the 'what's the point?' is wearing a short top, fitting jeans with a scarf. (Actually, on the jeans point I wear fitting jeans but a dress over so i'm well-covered:-) I don't like baggy jeans-or any baggy trouser for that matter, which is fine. But I make sure my dresses/tops are long -I try not to wear anything shorter than knee-length

On colours-OH-gosh I always wear bright colours. And I like red. I don't think it's immodest.

Anonymous said...

Did anybody even bother conversing with this girl before posting her picture online?

I'm guessing not.

Even if she is exposing herself, it does not give people the right to post her picture on the internet. Telling her, "you know, your shirt has ridden up and people can see everything, so please cover up properly" is what I feel would've been the right and good muslim thing to do.

It does not matter if people recognise her or not. Putting her picture for people to see is just making her sin even more known to people as more people are seeing it and then we're just backbiting aren't we ... what's the point of that then?

Covering of another Muslims sin is in Hadith and in Quraan, I don't think it's right for any of us to dispute that.
Keeping that in mind, I feel that those that are committing the sin should be told in a way that is not publicly known so that they can repent in private.

Princess, if you know this girl personally, perhaps you should talk to her about this.

I don't feel it is appropriate and good islamic manners to let the picture spread online without someone taking an action and informing this girl instead of passing judgment online.

Princess said...

Okay Fatima Point noted, I will delete the post, but the reason is more awareness than anything else.

I dont the girl in the pic at all, i received this by way of mail from a close friend, will enquire and see what comes about of it!

Anonymous said...

Unless you actually have permission from her, it is wrong to be putting her pic up online (it doesnt matter if you can or cant see her face) It is even worse if she is under age. In some countries that's against the law. You are allowing men to see what she has mistakenly exposed and perpetuating what you trying to aparently bring attention to.

One can bring attention to any issue without making someone the victim of your point.

Im sure that at some point of your own life you slipped up and done something you maybe shouldn't have, how would you feel if someone spread that across the internet.

To judge her and ask whats the point of her hijab is actually very ignorant. Everyone has varying degree of knowledge about Islam and also Imaan and the strength to do what is right all the time.

I know that im not always covered the way Im meant to be. Sometimes you slip up by mistake, like not realising your pins come loose and your hijab is wonky. It happens.

Its truly in poor taste to be expounding this great face you put to Islam as its representative and then judge so harshly and advertise this girls misfortune.

perhaps you should consider removing her picture.