Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Umra with the Hiltons

How many of us are guilty of this?? Hmm food for thought...


Sameerah -the storyteller- said...

So sad that this has become a reality. Someone recently told me that they think the purpose of Umrah and Haj is to socialise with people from all over the world.May Allah save us from this and guide us along the straight path Ameen

Anonymous said...

My husband gave me a choice, when we got married:

An overseas honeymoon to an exotic destination like Thailand OR a week in Durban now and in a few months, an umrah trip.

of course i chose umrah!

i've never regretted it and i've never looked back. i haven't been there in 8 years, so it really was a special trip.

i understand what you mean with the over-shopping that people tend to do there. most stores tend to sell the same things anyway, so i think it's a bit of a waste of time.
a lot of times, you can actually get things much cheaper back home.
i decided to only buy things for my immediate family and not for the extended family. however, it amazed me how the moment they hear that you're off for umrah, it's a licence for them to add things to your luggage.
i politely declined, however, i haven't heard from "family" members since. funny.

it's overly-commercialised and i despise it. we've lost the essence of what umrah is really all about.

i think people also don't appreciate umrah if they go every year. it becomes the "norm" for people.

apparently there's a bowling alley in makkah towers. how idiotic is that? a few feet away from the kaabah, there's a bowling alley! i think it's idiotic. however, it's not surprising as the local arabs seem to treat makkah and madinah as a holiday destination.

Azra said...

This is such a reality...

I find it morally reprehensible. There's no point to even go for Umrah if your sole purpose is not etc, should be the cherry on the cake, just by the way kinda thing.

If theres anything in the world I can be thankful for, its that I'm not a materialistic person and that "things" mean nothing to me.

Princess said...

Sameerah, Fatima & Azra - people forget that these Holy sites was once where Nabi (saw) walked, talked and stayed. we should try as much as we can to emulate His (saw) ways. Directly above the Kaa'ba is Allah (swt) Arsh and we have come as His honourable Mehma'an (guest). He has invited us to His home which we may never get the opportunity to go back & how do we repay Him?

We do things that are unbecoming of us as Muslims...Its a sad sight to see this happening. May Allah (swt) save us and guide us always, Aameen

UJ said...

Fairly relevant i'd say but it's just so OTT. I mean sure there is commercialisation, but that is the logical progression of modern society. You can't expect it not to permeate into the fabric of their society in the same way that it has ours. Unless of course you wish that the Hijaz was completely isolated from the outside world. No wait can't do that, because then how would you have telephones, cars and hotels their either?

@Azra,you gotta remember that people live in Makkah too. It's not just pilgrims, and in the same way we crave entertainment they do to. Which is not the same as saying a Hajji should be going bowling but merely to say that you can't condemn things out of hand without understanding the underlying rationale and dynamics first

Azra said...

@UJ - When people go for Hajj/Umrah, they are encouraged to spend their money - particularly with the people in Medina...
Thats all fine and dandy but it becomes a problem when that becomes the primary reason that people want to go for Hajj/Umrah.
The point I was trying to make is...yes its fine to go shopping etc...but that should be one of the things you do on the side. It shouldn't be the entire reason that you're there in the first place.