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Yazid bin Haiyan RA reported: I went along with Husain bin Sabrah and `Amr bin Muslim to Zaid bin Arqam (May Allah be pleased with them) and, as we sat by his side, Husain said to him, "Zaid, you acquired great merits, you saw the Messenger of Allah (Peace Be Upon Him), listened to him talking, fought by his side in (different) battles, and offered Salah (prayer) behind him. Zaid, you have indeed earned great merits. Could you narrate to us what you heard from Messenger of Allah (Peace Be Upon Him)?''

Zaid RA said, "By Allah! I have grown old and have almost spent up my age and I have forgotten some of the things which I remembered in connection with Messenger of Allah (Peace Be Upon Him), so accept what I narrate to you, do not compel me to narrate what I fail to narrate".

He then said, "One day the Messenger of Allah (Peace Be Upon Him) stood up to deliver a Khutbah at a watering place known as Khumm between Makkah and Al-Madinah. He praised Allah, extolled Him, and exhorted (us) and said, `Amma Ba`du. O people, I am a human being. I am about to receive a messenger (the angel of death) from my Rubb and I will respond to Allah's Call, but I am leaving with you two weighty things: the first is the Book of Allah, in which there is right guidance and light, so hold fast to the Book of Allah and adhere to it.' He exhorted (us to hold fast) to the Book of Allah and then said, `The second is the members of my household, I remind you (to be kind) to the members of my family. I remind you (to be kind) to the members of my family. Husain said to Zaid, "Who are the members of his household, O Zaid? Aren't his wives the members of his family?'' Thereupon Zaid RA said, "His wives are the members of his family. (But here) the members of his family are those for whom Zakat is forbidden". He asked, "Who are they?'' Zaid RA said, "Ali and the offspring of `Ali, `Aqil and the offspring of `Aqil and the offspring of Ja`far and the offspring of `Abbas.'' Husain RA asked, "For all of them the acceptance of Zakat is forbidden?'' Zaid (May Allah be pleased with him) said, "Yes". [Muslim]

Another narration is: Messenger of Allah (Peace Be Upon Him) said, "I am leaving behind me two weighty things. One of them is the Book of Allah; that is the strong rope of Allah. Whosoever holds firmly to it, will be the guided, and whosoever leaves it goes astray".

Commentary: This Hadith brings out the following points:
1. Messenger of Allah (Peace Be Upon Him) was a human being. He too was subject to the inevitable law of death.
2. It stresses upon the establishment of a firm bond with the Book of Allah (the Qur'an) and lays emphasis on showing respect and honour to the members of the Prophet's family.
3. The members of the Prophet's family are classified into two categories:
Firstly, wives of Messenger of Allah (Peace Be Upon Him) or Mothers of the believers. This is established from the categorical Verses of the Noble Qur'an.
Secondly, persons who have close relationship with Messenger of Allah (Peace Be Upon Him). They are Banu Hashim and Banu Abdul-Muttalib and include descendants of `Ali, `Aqil, Ja`far, `Abbas and Harith (May Allah be pleased with them). Sadaqah is unlawful for the latter category.

Source: Radio Islam Newsletter


Khadeer Ali Mohammad said...

Assalamu Alaikum Sister

I had a doubt regarding Yazid RA. The other day a fatwa was issued against an eminent scholar Dr Zakir Naik,for using RA for Yazid RA.

After that,i was perplexed and tried to find out about the same from a lotta resources but they were with a shiite bent of mind. to be straight, I dont know what to make of it...

I am not knowledgable, and if you could or anyone else could shed light on this....I would be grateful

Jazakallah Khairan

Princess said...

As-Salaamu-Alaikum Khader Ali, hope you are well, you may contact Brother Faizal at KnowIslam ( and ask him to shed some light on this matter. I received this by way of mail from our local radio station's newsletter.

My cousin's husband's name is Yazid and many a scholar, Imaam and learned person have said to him that he should change his name as Yazid was an enemy of Islam until such time he become a beliver.