Tuesday, November 18, 2008

It's beyond barbaric

As I got news of this last night on the Radio, I thought what has come of us, can people be so cruel - so heartless?

Is this the way we treat human's? Where is our sense of compassion, are these killers not afraid of the law...Oh what Law I ask for there is no law except one that protects these criminals...

I am saddened by these events and more so this could be my mother, sister, granmum or aunt...

'It's beyond barbaric'

A Pretoria woman was hacked to death and her domestic worker seriously injured in what has been described by police as one of the Pretoria's most brutal murders yet.

Rashida Ahmed, 49, was at her home in Laudium on Monday when two men forced their way inside.

Locking themselves inside the house, the men, who are believed to have been armed with a spade and a panga, overpowered Ahmed's domestic worker, Sara Malatji, before they attacked Ahmed, who was in her bedroom.

Police sources say the men, over the period of about an hour, repeatedly hit Ahmed over the head, shoulders neck and chest as they dragged her around the house demanding money. The house was ransacked by the killers, including the ceiling, of which the hatch was discovered open.

'It can't be true'

Neighbours' description of chilling screams for help from Ahmed as she tried to claw her way through a security gate, and blood smears and pools, bear testimony to the brutality of the killers.

Police refused to be drawn into whether the robbers tortured their victims before they fled in a grey car parked near the house, but several said it was one of the worst murders they had come across.

"It is beyond barbaric. It is inhuman. It is awful," said an officer.

The grey car had earlier been spotted by a neighbour's gardener as it travelled up and down Himalaya Street several times before it stopped near Ahmed's house.

Two men were seen getting out of the car moments before the attack took place and later running back to the car, which raced off to an unknown destination.

'I saw her against the gate trying to get out'

Hundreds of friends, family and neighbours rushed to the house as word of the attack quickly spread.

It was the second such tragedy to strike the Ahmed family in the past three years.

Three years ago, Ahmed's brother, Hussain Abdulrahman, was killed in his driveway in a hijacking just a street away.

Ahmed's husband, Ali, and children Riaaz, 22, and Shariefa, 25, were inconsolable when they received the tiding.

Riaaz had to be carried away forcefully from the house by friends as he tried to break open a locked security door which separated him from his mother.

Shariefa, collapsed on the family's front lawn as Malatji, who had to be resuscitated, was rushed by paramedics to an ambulance.

"It can't be true. It's not true. My mother is not dead. Please, God, don't let my mother be dead," she cried.

Her father, who was overcome by grief, was unable to say anything. Sitting on the patio shaking his head over and over again, he rocked himself as sobs wracked his body.

Neighbours Surie Chetty and Sajhida Omar said they were inside their homes when they heard screams for help.

"I heard Rashida calling me, pleading for me to help. It was horrible. She was screaming and pleading for help. As I ran outside I saw her against the gate trying to get out.

"The gate was locked. I couldn't get inside. I tried calling her, but it suddenly went quiet. I tried to see what happened, but I couldn't see," said Omar.

Chetty said she went cold when she heard the screams.

"They sounded like a wounded animal. When I ran outside I saw a woman with blood all over her.

"I did not know what was happening. Her maid screamed for me begging for help and then she collapsed."


Saaleha Bamjee-Mayet said...

When I first heard the breaking news on 702 yesterday afternoon, it truly chilled me and I felt like it was someone I was close to who had been taken away so cruelly.
Then on the news this morning, a matric girl was attacked, drugged, raped and stabbed when she took a walk through her neighbourhood.
I hate feeling like a victim.

Anonymous said...

When I think of this poor woman, I feel as if crime is just getting worse and there's no hope.

These people have no soul and it's a scary thought.

This woman did not have to die for money. I can't even begin to imagine what this family must be going through. How terrible it must be for her family to bury their mother at such a young age. To make ghusl of her body which is so racked with wounds.

I don't want to defend our country anymore when people say that it's a crime-ridden country and they're scared to visit.
How can I defend a country, when our government doesn't defend us properly?
Everyday I call the people in my family, just to make sure that they are safe and sound. Not to ask how their day was, but to see if they're home and if they're ok.

It's a sick society that we're living in and we're not even safe in our own home. That's a scary thing.

I keep making dua that it comes right, but I fear that it won't.

Princess said...

Saaleha & Fatima this chilled me to the bone and I cried buckets when I heard them describing the wounds of the Marhoomeen, I dont have the courage nor the strength to defend our "once beautiful" Country any longer. When people say they leave SA for good I don't blame them.

Maybe the death penalty needs to be reinstated as the law is mostly for the criminals. Can anyone be so cruel and heartless, I cannot fathom the grief of the family of the deceased.

May Allah (swt) grant our Marhoomen Jannat-ul-Firdowse, Aameen and may He save us from this kind of things, Inshallah Aameen

Anonymous said...


I couldn't sleep last night after I heard of this...I feel so violated as a mother, a sister, an aunt...this has unsettled and upset. I can't even begin to imagine what the families of the late Rashida Ahmed must be enduring...

What has taken place is beyond barbaric...what is this world coming too?

I call all to join in Dua'a that the Late Rashida Ahmed be granted Janat-ul-Firdous and the Almighty put light in her Qabr...her last breaths in this Dunya were horrific and a duty has been placed on each and every one of us to ensure that these criminals are given the justice that they have barbarically earned..

Almighty Allah (swt) place Sabr in the hearts of the Ahmed family...

If I can be moved to tears just reading the article that follows what on earth enables anyone to commit such a heinous crime? Will we continue to blame the apartheid regime and its aftermath, or the unleashed zoo born with democracy, what ever excuses researchers may come up with, the reality is if we do not take control of the crime situation in South Africa we are then volunteering to be victims..

I call for harsher punishment to deter crime...I call for the death penalty...I call for unison of our people and I call for effective governance...our Defense force is assisting in neighboring African countries of conflict...we need them here....

Princess, my sister I feel your pain...

May Allah (swt) save us from this! Aameen

Aadila Mall

Azra said...

It is upsetting, horrible, disgusting...words cannot describe. May Allah SWT save us from being victims of such horrendous acts. InshaAllah, Ameen.

Hajar said...

As much as we want to refute that these things happen, that humans couldn't possibly commit to such monstrous acts; we are awaken with further news of it.

To some, human life is no longer valued, and survival on mother earth is all the more vital.


Anonymous said...

A friend of mine has told me such news, that it sickened me to the core, the maid was involved in all of this, how terrible can this be. The family descibe the kind of wounds and pain was inflicted upon her (even on her private parts). People are really sick out there